About Us is a commercial website where CADD Blocks, details and other CADD related content  can be bought and sold

Our policy is

1. is not affiliated or dedicated to any one CADD system and believes in the policy use whatever best suites your needs. We support all CADD products

2.    All content (that is created by cadjunkie) will display cadjunkie or

3.    All blocks and details displaying our logo have been created from product catalogues or technical data sheets.

4.    All content sanctioned by the manufacture will indicate as such otherwise stated not official,

5.    Payment is via PayPal and downloaded.

6.    All content is sold “AS IS” therefore, there is a no refund or return policy.

7.    Content can be sold by on behalf of a third party and there will be a 10% charge to cover costs

8.    All third party content will display their logo on the advertised item.

9.    Freelance or contact personal within the Cadd industry can advertise free of charge